Success through the intelligent use of data

I help companies of every size, effectively and correctly, collect, interpret and visualize their data, handling complexity, facilitating strategic decision-making processes. I deliver tailored business intelligence solutions that fit with your unique business objectives.

Services & Technology

Data Analysis

In order to integrate the many heterogeneous data
sources, I will intensively deal with the semantics
of the project content in order to implement business
solutions, which serve the future predictive analytics
of BI and are based on the accuracy of data.

Cloud Migration

Migration of your company’s database to a
cloud service (Microsoft Azure).


We help our customers in the digital transformation
of their business so that they can take full advantage
of the opportunities of digitization


experience with Reporting technologies currently on
the market in order to deliver business intelligence
solutions tailored to your business objectives

Database Administration

Monitoring performance and ensuring
Availability of database functionalities.
Implementation and administration of the
database system. Index tuning.
Management of access rights. Backup and recovery
plans and procedures based on best practices.
Monitoring databases for performance problems


Thanks to Big Data technologies and ETL
tools, I am able to implement personalized
business solutions for clients: datamarts, data
warehouses or ETL processes and workflow.

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The Company presented itself at Palexpo


They provided us a well-designed website with an easy to use content management system. We are extremely happy with the website that Nencit have created for us. It looks good, clean, easy to navigate and responsive – everything we asked for. Fabrizio met with us on numerous occasions and we found the whole process a great experience. We ended up with a website we love. I would definitely recommend Nencit – you won’t be disappointed. Working with Nencit I have experienced the best customer service, wonderful creativity, and technical expertise. As a company owner I wish that every project was as quick and simple as with Nencit.
A fantastic service, we would highly recommend and we will continue to work with them.


By God’s grace I stumbled on NENC·IT in June 2020. I got a call from them, we were greeted, supported with warmth and friendliness and obtained an estimate of the cost involved in designing our new website. The estimate was accurate and professional and from the beginning on we were interested in building completely new website with them! That was a very complex task including appointment page full integrated with our on-line calendar.
NENC·IT specialists impressed us with their knowledge and experience on how to build professionally coded high-end design websites. I got amazing support and was amazed at the level of commitment Fabrizio and his team put into supporting me and at his genuine concern for the overall success of my project. The website they build for us is great, very easy to update and I would gladly recommend their services as IT company.

Autorevisioni s.a.s

Look no further if you need an IT team that will truly partner with you. Fabrizio and his team have worked closely with my organization and he consistently demonstrates a superior depth of website development knowledge, as well as a genuine concern for the overall success of my projects and company. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the work they have done for me. Sadina B.

NENC·IT has cooperated intensely with different internal customers to merge their Use Cases successfully into production in the past six months.The tasks which NENC·IT has done are pioneering for other, following applications.

Commerzbank Management

We had a successful collaboration with NENC·IT.
Serious company, fine-tuned to our business needs and reactive to our requests.
Excellent technical services, a Company to recommend.

Entreprise Fortin
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Who am I?

I am a quadrilingual consultant (English, German, Italian, French) who mainly specializes in the collection, consolidation, modeling, integration and visualization of data that are used to make winning decisions.

  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL
  • Big Data
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